Privacy Policy

BRO3 is devoted to protect all information that it collects and stores about you according to the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Users of our website accept that their information is used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

BRO3 collects the minimal amount of Information about you in order to provide the best quality service. Privacy policy explains which actions can result in collecting information about you. Your visit to our website gives us the right to collect the mentioned information.

By accessing our website, you give us the right to collect all the information you send us depending on the type of form you fill out including your name, address, phone number, email address, and other data you leave on the website. Other information may be requested in accordance with the changes indicated on the site.

We use collected information primarily in order to process the requests of user and website visitors. All standard precautions are taken to prevent unauthorized access to this information. Users may be required to have a subsequent identity check in order for order information to be complete.

At any time, users can request that the collected data be deleted from the data log.

BRO3 does not exchange any information about it’s users with third parties. The information obtained can be used to keep in touch with customers and to inform us about the development of our business. If at some point in the future we are forced to disclose the collected information to a third party (e.g. government), the user will be informed and give his / her consent.

BRO3 notifies users that it may from time to time publish general information concerning the site itself or BRO3 – for example, the number of visitors to the site, the number of purchases made, etc., but when publishing such information, it will never include such information. Information by which individuals could be identified.

BRO3 is not responsible for content of information disclosed by the user via chat or direct messages to BRO3. We are under no obligation to monitor users’ conversations on the chat and therefore are not held responsible for any communications.

BRO3 guarantees to apply all standard security measures by protecting personal data collected from its users in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia. This includes but is not limited to: access to personal data with a password, restricted access to sensitive data, encrypted transfer of sensitive data sent by users to BRO3 application forms, ordering, etc. However, there may be security lapses that are not under the control of BRO3. By deciding to provide personal information to BRO3, the user understands and agrees that the security, integrity and privacy of his/her information cannot be 100% guaranteed.

BRO3 reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Each change becomes effective upon posting to The user agrees to periodically read this privacy policy to be aware of any changes to it. If the user continues using the website and services BRO3 after any new version of the privacy policy, it is understood that it has accepted the same as being valid.


Transport damage complaints

It is very important that you immediately report any defects in transport, visible on the product packaging, to the courier who delivers the goods. The buyer is obliged to report any damage during transportation within 24 hours of receiving the goods.

If you notice such damage, do not sign the delivery receipt or ask the courier to wait until you check if the damage to the package also caused damage to the product itself or the loss of parts. If the product is not damaged and all parts are numbered, sign the receipt.

Complaints about data or the wrong kind of goods

If you have received your order and after opening the box found that the delivered goods do not match your order or the information on the invoice is not appropriate, send us an email no later than 24h after the receivement of your order with your details (first name, last name, phone number) on the email and describe the type of problem you have. As soon as possible, we will respond to the consumer on their stated complaint by electronic means (e-mail) by confirming the receipt of the complaint, or by announcing the number under which your complaint is recorded in the record of received complaints and we will notify you of further action. The complaint response deadline is 8 days and the complaint resolution deadline is 15 days from the moment of filing the complaint.

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